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Triskelion is a small cooperative, and we like it that way.

Our focus has always been on planters making good money, put quality trees in the ground, and to create a respectful, driven and passionfull enviroment.

planter owned cooperative

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About Us

Since we started, ABBA Reforestation has been building its foundation from a bottom-up approach. We aim to create a safe, productive, and fun work environment where quality work is held to a high regard. Through this process, we've been able to create strong relationships with both employees and clients.
We've worked with numerous clients throughout BC, from industry parters to individual woodlot owners. We believe that our success and ability to provide competent, high quality services to our clients starts and ends with experienced and personable people. This is why we put so much consideration into selecting the members that make up our team.
​​ At ABBA Reforestation we have an average of close to 10 years of industry experience per person, and we strive to continually develop a safe, productive, and innovative work environment for our employees. This, along with the depth of experience in our team, allows the company as a whole to deliver consistently reliable work to our clients in a timely manner.
Whether you're looking to have a job completed, or you're looking for your next place of employment, thank you for thinking of ABBA Reforestation. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company, or for details about the services we provide.


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We work with several clients & partnerships, some of which include:

  • West Fraser PIR (Smithers area)


    Starting on April 15th to May 12th

    31 cents a tree for planters. 1700 trees average anticipated.

    No camp costs

    Food included, transport included.

    Lodgings in a country house. Individual rooms. Lodgings paid by the coop


    175 000 trees
  • Cheslatta Community Forest & Woodlots (Southside area)


    May 13th to July 12th

    20 cents per trees. 2700-2800 average anticipated.

    Same amenities as for previous


    > 320 000 trees
  • West Fraser / Fraser Lake Sawmills (Fraser Lake area)

    Maple, Oak, Yellow Birch

    High prices + protectors

    Same amenities as for 1


    10 000 to 15 000 trees
  • Burns Lake Community Forest (Burns Lake area)


    Forêt Montmorency, one of Quebec's oldest private woodlot.

    25 cents a tree. 2500 average


    40 000

All of our treeplanting contracts occur during May & June and currently range in location from Smithers to Fraser Lake.

Triskelion is comprised of 2 smaller camps which at times unite/overlap for short stretches of the season. In recent years many of our camp amenities have been upgraded.

  • Laundry Trailer (new in 2020!)
  • Shower Trailer (six stalls - New in 2020 & 2023)
  • Kitchen Trailer (New in 2020!)
  • New Mess tent (2020)
  • Internet

From year to year we look for ways to make our bush camps better and have some more upgrades planned for this coming season.

Physiotherapy - We will continue to send our members which endured planting injuries to Total Physio if deemed necessary by our first aiders, and continue to work alongside via training and talks. Our First Aiders are also trained one on one by them on the arts of taping and proper diagnosis.


We provide start to finish services for private land owners, forest licensees, and government clients.
For information on contracts, production quotes and timeline, or general questions

Triskelion has a community driven effort where resilience, kindness and creativity are the focus. Although


  • DAO based treeplanting Cooperative tally and gps systems based on openstreetmaps, maybe do distribution like openrailwaymaps, akak openplantmaps or something alike like the overlway for maps for sea based on OSM (languages/*.php)
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